1. Shark Funeral Songbook

  2. ¡El Noordzo! Live
    El Noordzo

  3. El Noordzo
    El Noordzo

  4. Mothguts III

  5. The Imaginary Quartet feat. Daniel Carter
    Noordzy - Freeman - Carter

  6. A Very Special Mothguts Christmas

  7. Choose the Blues
    Friendly Knowledge

  8. Mothguts

  9. Bye Bye Brooklyn Hello Everywhere
    Dave Ross Quartet

  10. The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing
    Blaise Siwula - Dom Minasi

  11. Appetite for Abstraction: The Edison Tapes 2009-2012
    Mike Noordzy

  12. Live From Atlanta

  13. Winter Comfort
    Friendly Knowledge

  14. Angel's Dance - Improvisations for Guitar and Piano
    Michael Jefry Stevens - Dom Minasi

  15. Electronic Music 2002-2011
    Chris Welcome

  16. Mothguts II

  17. Fenyman's Diagrams
    Steve Swell - Kirk Knuffke

  18. Ego Penis Money God
    Daughter Vision

  19. I Can't Wait For My Album to Get a Bad Review on Pitchfork
    Friendly Knowledge

  20. William Hooker Duo featuring Mark Hennen
    William Hooker

  21. Hot Strangers and Close Friends
    Friendly Knowledge

  22. Dream-ee-chi-wah
    Mike Noordzy Quintet

  23. Übermond
    Nathan Carpenter & The Geocentrics

  24. Weird Shapes
    Friendly Knowledge

  25. The Elegance Quartet
    Dave Ross

  26. Complete Works 2005-2010

  27. Obo Duo
    Obo Duo

  28. Synchronicity
    Karl Berger & Dom Minasi

  29. Humanoids: A No Use For Numans Collective

  30. Langwidge
    Mike Noordzy & David Freeman Imaginary Quartet

  31. Live @ Goodbye Blue Monday
    Noordzy Ware Walter

  32. Rhythm is for Gals

  33. DeSalvo, Niewood, Robertson, Lough, Sayek
    Jim DeSalvo, Adam Niewood, Herb Robertson, Chris Lough, Tom Sayek

  34. Live at Court Tavern

  35. 100% Intense
    Intense Men

  36. The Clown Slowly Washes Off His Makeup

  37. Enter the Ballroom

  38. Plague: The Movie
    Friendly Knowledge

  39. Scary Feminist Shit
    Wet Wolf

  40. Kitchen Sink Improvs
    Mike Noordzy & Jon Francis

  41. Socialized Improvisation
    Noordzy, Jennings, Ware

  42. Bear Necessities: Collective
    Bear Necessities

  43. Ones and Twos
    Thomas Bendel


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Nacht Records is an independent musician-run digital record label specializing in experimental/jazz/noise/improv/alternative music.

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