1. Shark Funeral Songbook

  2. ¡El Noordzo! Live
    El Noordzo

  3. El Noordzo
    El Noordzo

  4. Mothguts III

  5. The Imaginary Quartet feat. Daniel Carter
    Noordzy - Freeman - Carter

  6. A Very Special Mothguts Christmas

  7. Choose the Blues
    Friendly Knowledge

  8. Mothguts

  9. Bye Bye Brooklyn Hello Everywhere
    Dave Ross Quartet

  10. The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing
    Blaise Siwula - Dom Minasi

  11. Appetite for Abstraction: The Edison Tapes 2009-2012
    Mike Noordzy

  12. Live From Atlanta

  13. Winter Comfort
    Friendly Knowledge

  14. Angel's Dance - Improvisations for Guitar and Piano
    Michael Jefry Stevens - Dom Minasi

  15. Electronic Music 2002-2011
    Chris Welcome

  16. Mothguts II

  17. Fenyman's Diagrams
    Steve Swell - Kirk Knuffke

  18. Ego Penis Money God
    Daughter Vision

  19. I Can't Wait For My Album to Get a Bad Review on Pitchfork
    Friendly Knowledge

  20. William Hooker Duo featuring Mark Hennen
    William Hooker

  21. Hot Strangers and Close Friends
    Friendly Knowledge

  22. Dream-ee-chi-wah
    Mike Noordzy Quintet

  23. Übermond
    Nathan Carpenter & The Geocentrics

  24. Weird Shapes
    Friendly Knowledge

  25. The Elegance Quartet
    Dave Ross

  26. Complete Works 2005-2010

  27. Obo Duo
    Obo Duo

  28. Synchronicity
    Karl Berger & Dom Minasi

  29. Humanoids: A No Use For Numans Collective

  30. Langwidge
    Mike Noordzy & David Freeman Imaginary Quartet

  31. Live @ Goodbye Blue Monday
    Noordzy Ware Walter

  32. Rhythm is for Gals

  33. Live at Court Tavern

  34. 100% Intense
    Intense Men

  35. The Clown Slowly Washes Off His Makeup

  36. Enter the Ballroom

  37. Plague: The Movie
    Friendly Knowledge

  38. Scary Feminist Shit
    Wet Wolf

  39. Kitchen Sink Improvs
    Mike Noordzy & Jon Francis

  40. Socialized Improvisation
    Noordzy, Jennings, Ware

  41. Bear Necessities: Collective
    Bear Necessities

  42. Ones and Twos
    Thomas Bendel


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Nacht Records is an independent musician-run digital record label specializing in experimental/jazz/noise/improv/alternative music.

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